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Empowering your
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Keyword Roadmap

Keyword research is a time consuming task, especially for those without the tools… and the skill to do it.

Maybe you’ve left it until the last minute and you’re frantically trying to piece together data from all the various SEO tools.

What if we told you there was an efficient service
that could take this laborious chore off your hands?

Our keyword research service combines all the metrics and data from leading SEO tools with added insights from SEO experts. With this roadmap, your journey to #1 rankings has never been easier.

The Keyword Roadmap.



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As the other SEOs drown in a keyword tidal wave, you sail idly by, potentially with a beer in hand, as we do all the work for you

– Some wise man, probably

Here’s the problem…

Without a sound strategy, you will have the spotlight on you in the WRONG way.

SEOs understand it takes a long time to see results…non-SEOs don’t. If nobody is searching for what you’re selling, how can you expect anyone to buy it?

The first five organic results account for 67.6% of all the clicks.

(Source: Zero Limit Web)

Ensuring your keyword content strategy is on point is more important than ever.

SEO can reduce the cost of customer acquisition by 87.41% on average compared to digital advertising.

(Source: Terakeet)

Make sure you are casting your net downstream of the search traffic!

Why should you outsource your Keyword Research?

Because you’re not sprinting to success, you’re walking on a treadmill going nowhere. And the sad thing is, most struggling SEOs think they’re being productive.


You’re stuck in
the same position.

And only to get worn out and fatigued on the treadmill of organic death.

Forget about losing money and ranking low, what about the reaction of your stakeholders or clients?

Can you really cope with all of that pressure?


You don’t want to be
recognised as the
disappointing agency.

You’ll lay awake at night running through
the questions being asked of you,
over and over again:

“Why haven’t I seen any increase?”,
“Why is the content not up to our standards?”, “Why have I invested thousands in SEO?”

What the
Keyword Roadmap
can offer you:

Insights, keyword clusters and content suggestions
to focus your attention on success.


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Finding a balance between search volume and keyword difficulty is an art we’ve perfected.


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Keyword research identifies gaps in the market where there is a high demand but low supply.


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Your potential customer’s search behaviour says a lot about what they are willing to pay for.

Without a good keyword strategy, you become the ghost of Google. You won’t rank anywhere, let alone highly. To launch a successful SEO campaign, you have to get the basics right.

Target keywords are the key to your ranking success. And we know how to get the bullseye. No one wants to wait years only to get to position 4.

We have higher standards than that. You want traffic, and you want it now, right? How does this benefit you? The RIGHT system, the BEST keywords, and a SOLID strategy will rank you faster and higher.

A well laid out strategy gives you the fastest roadmap to success. But it also helps you manage your workload so you can use your strengths elsewhere to get you to the position you desire.

It’s time to aim for position #1 and get it.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Anyone who doesn’t want to spend the time sifting through tons of data will benefit from this roadmap, whether you’re an agency that doesn’t want to disappoint their client or a small business owner who wants to speed up their rank-high-fast process.

If you want to spend the least and rank the quickest, you need a game plan. KWR forms the foundation of that plan, and attracting the right customers is vital to business success. Additionally, matching search intent is imperative to bringing relevant traffic to your website.

You can save yourself a lot of agony, stress, time, and money, and you can sleep at night without fear of letting down your clients or your business. The time you’ll save from having a keyword plan means you can use it to tend to other areas of your business that need your attention.

In this report, you’ll get actionable information derived from metrics. We take a snapshot of the competitive environment around a keyword and provide you with the best solution to competing and ranking #1 on Google.

We need your niche, company name, website and any specific keywords you might want to target.

You can use it as a go-to guide for your content strategy. No more guesswork on what to write next. It’s all laid out for you.

Yes, the more niche the keyword, the easier it will be to rank.

We choose keywords based on metrics. If you don’t see a couple there, it’s more than likely that they are not as valuable as you might think or too competitive and should be focused on later when your site is strong enough to compete.