Craig Dewart

CEO & Founder, My Content Pal

Craig Dewart

Craig Dewart is the CEO of and brains behind My Content Pal

After working as a digital strategist for a few years and enhancing his SEO skills under the tutelage of Boyd Digital, he started My Content Pal in 2020. 

Craig aims to help business owners and founders scale their SEO efforts by adopting the latest SEO trends and best practices, which include content writing, keyword research and editing. He has all the strategy know-how that B2B and B2C companies need to grow their brand and increase conversions.

By staying on top of the industry news and changes, he has become a thought leader, innovator and leading expert on all things SEO.

Craig Dewart, CEO & Founder of My Content Pal
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Experience & Expertise

Craig started My Content Pal along with its sister company, Link City SEO, of which he is the director. Link City is the leading link-building agency in the UK, using white hat link-building strategies to help its clients.

He was also previously the director of SEO for Hire. SEO for Hire is a global leader in SEO recruitment.

Through his experiences as co-founder and director of these SEO companies, he has developed expertise in the industry, learned exactly what his clients need, and is dead-set to get results.

Connect With Craig

If you want to get first-person advice for free, make sure to check out Craig’s social media channels. He uses his platforms to share insights, tips and industry developments.

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