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Case Studies

Dive into our Case Studies to see how our content service translates
into real-world digital marketing success.

Client Niche:
Lead Gen In Green Space


6 months to scale the organic traffic.


Think you need massive traffic to earn £30k p/m? Think again. This website showcases we leveraged low-volume search terms to astonishing effect.

Client Niche:
Ecom Client in The Home Niche


Client wanted to explore super niche 0 volume KW terms.

We started with creating micro sites that performed well. After some consideration the microsites were merged and 301’d into the core site.


As you can see the traffic exploded.

Client Niche:


The client wanted to add another revenue stream after his business had to unexpectedly close for a short period of time.


We took over the campaign at the start of 2023 and created a topical map. We worked out the next 100 pages of content and got to work. As you can see the traffic has exploded. As of right now the website is focusing on earning money via affiliate ads and display ads.

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MyContentPal replaces the endless search for reliable, SEO-savvy writers and the
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Tired of endless meetings to discuss content? We are too. That’s why we’ve eliminated them entirely. Our process is streamlined and asynchronous, ensuring you get top-notch SEO content without any unnecessary interruptions to your busy schedule.

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Oversee your content effortlessly on our dashboard. Track active, queued, and completed content pieces with clarity and simplicity. Our system is designed to keep you informed and in control, without overwhelming you with details.

Invite unlimited team members

Collaboration made easy: invite your entire team to our platform. Anyone can submit content requests and monitor their progress, ensuring seamless coordination and consistent content quality across your organization.

Affordable excellence at just $0.08 per word

Get premium, SEO-optimized content at an unbeatable price of only $0.08 per word, blending quality with cost-effectiveness seamlessly.

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MyContentPal replaces the endless search for reliable, SEO-savvy writers and the hassle of managing multiple freelancers for one flat monthly fee. 

We have a passion for growth

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MyContentPal replaces the endless search for reliable, SEO-savvy writers and the hassle of managing multiple freelancers for one flat monthly fee. 

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Our team of writers comes from a whole host of literary backgrounds and specialize in content writing across the board. From link building to marketing, humour, and more, our niche is your niche. So you can relax and take comfort in the knowledge that you’ll receive relevant, authoritative, premium content promptly.

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