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Our prepping team will follow your brief meticulously. They’ll follow our Prepping Guide to outline your article, so it looks attractive and simple for your readers. They also use tools such as Text Razor and create the content structure on Surfer SEO, which brings the best keywords for your headline compared to competitor examples.

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A Great grasp of your niche

Don’t worry if you have a tedious subject. Our writers won’t begin writing until they’ve researched your niche and become an expert themselves. This includes reading articles, watching YouTube videos, reading statements on social media and scanning through questions and answers on sites such as Quora.

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Pen put to paper.

Then our super squad of writers put their powers to work. You will always have an introduction, conclusion and FAQs unless specifically asked not to have them. Our writers are professionals at writing in any tone of voice, whether to make people laugh or inform them of the importance of SourdoughBread.

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'We exclusively use @mycontentpal for outsourced content. Every article has been of super high quality, with very little changes needed.'

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"Highly recommend the service. I can't believe how easy the briefing process was compared with the quality of the output. The content was tightly on point, and well optimised. Low effort needed from me to get them started. It was like they'd read my mind. Absolutely brilliant."

Mark Slorance

"Using MCP is like having my very own in-house editorial team that I never knew I needed. Ever since our company made the decision to use MCP, I've had more time on my hands, which has allowed me to focus on bigger picture issues in our organisation."

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by Craig Dewart· April 23rd, 2022 · 5 min. read

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