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#1 – SEO Article Checklist

The ultimate on-page optimisation checklist to ensure quality, SERP-ranking content. 

Also included: 

  • A checklist for each phase of content production:
    • Research
    • Briefing and content preparation
    • Writing
    • Proofing and editing 
  • In-depth descriptions of each checkpoint to ensure you don’t miss any key aspect.
  • Bonus steps on how to get the most out of your content after it’s been produced. 

#2 – How to Create Content Briefs

Learn how to create high-level writer’s briefs to effectively scale your content production. 

Also included: 

  • What goes into creating a content brief to ensure high-quality content, increased content output, and customer conversions. 
  • How to conduct thorough research for your briefs. 
  • Examples of effective content briefs. 
  • The dos and don’ts of content briefs. 

#3 – How to Hire Writers

#4 – How to Distribute Your Content [COMING SOON]

#5 – How to Refresh Your Content [COMING SOON]

#6 – How to Produce 6-Figure Lead Magnets [COMING SOON]