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[ An Open Letter ]

Craig here, from My Content Pal. 

In a world where AI content is a growing concern, My Content Pal stands out. 

We guarantee 100% human-crafted SEO content.

Creating lots of content has its challenges, from finding the right writers to ensuring quality. 

With us, you get consistently high-quality content without the hassle – a truly pain-free experience.

Our Team

The bright minds and creative talent behind the MyContentPal team.

Craig Dewart

Owner of MyContentPal

Kallia Stergianos 

Community Manager

Bergen Gill

Squad Leader

Emma O’Connor

Editor & Proofreader

Adri Meyer

Head of Proofreading

Our Board

In our pursuit to foster sustainable growth and uphold the highest standards of governance, we have initiated the formation of a Board of Directors. This strategic move is designed to bring together a diverse group of individuals with a wealth of experience and expertise in various fields. The board will serve as a guiding force, helping to steer our company towards a future marked by innovation, integrity, and excellence.

Jamie I.F

Board Member at MyContentPal