Content Editing Services

Even your favorite authors have editors.

Chances are, you could use one too.
Our thorough editors will fix structural mishaps, data holes, stylistic hazards, and the occasional hippo typo.

Brands and agencies we’ve successfully worked with

How does our content editing service work?

Our nit-picky editors ensure your copy is engaging, resourceful, on-brand, fact-checked, & error-free.

We know who content is for: people, not bots. We make sure that everything you send out into the world is something that people will enjoy, benefit from, appreciate. Incidentally, people-first content is great for SEO because Google. Loves. That. Stuff.

Send over your content and discover for yourself how we’ve successfully tackled 900+ editing projects for 165+ companies, totaling 5,249,176+ words and counting!

You are here
because you…

…need content that speaks to people.
Do you have boring or dry writing on your hands? Let us make it – well, not wet, but – fresh, engaging, fun, and useful.

…are burned out trying to do everything yourself. 
Seriously, there’s a reason the “um, actually” kids in class exist. To become editors when they grow up.

…have a bunch of content sitting on the back-burner.
If your drawer is full of texts that aren’t ready to see the light of day, we can prep them for the spotlight.

…want it done right.
We will follow your vision, brand voice, and ideas, keeping you in the loop & working off your feedback.

…love your writer(s).
Already have an in-house or freelance writer you’re happy with? We can make you both happier, acting as safety net that delivers results. 

Skip the hassle, let us edit your:

Blog Posts

AI Content


Press Releases

Sales Copy

Social Media Copy

Introducing our flat-rate
E.D.I.T. system

Flat-rate editing means you pay the same predictable rate every month.

No surprise bills here.


We Find The
Perfect Editor

Sign up on our website and we will review your industry, style, and niche before assigning an editor that’s most compatible with your needs.


Deliver Content
To Your Editor

Add your documents/URLs to a shared spreadsheet so your editor can get to work and then submit it for your feedback. Your editor is always a message away.


Inform Your Editor
With Feedback

Once you’ve had time to review your content, provide the editor with feedback. They will make any necessary changes and integrate your comments in their future work, so you never have to leave the same note twice.


Take The
Brakes Off

You can finally take the breaks off
on content production! Our editors will speak in your brand’s voice, while also keeping your audience and search engines happy. Gain speed and momentum to keep this magic formula going at scale!

Built specifically for content agencies and marketers

This service is built to serve the needs of content marketers, both agency-side and in-house. Here’s how we help:

Marketing agencies

Do you have boring or dry writing on your hands? Let us make it – well, not wet, but – fresh, engaging, fun, and useful.

Content teams

Our service helps content teams save time and money by handling all of your editing needs.


We help freelancers save time and scale their offerings as they keep honing their craft with professional editing.

All the questions that have been asked

Frequently Asked Questions

If our FAQs don’t answer it for you, reach out to us directly via

Unlimited simply means you can give us as much content as you have, and we’ll tackle it. Flat rate means you’ll never get a surprise bill, because you pay one flat rate. MyContentPal employs professional editors who work on our clients’ content every business day of the month.

Our pricing is based on your volume, depth of editing, and document turnaround needs. Maximize your editing subscription by keeping your queue full, and you can always add an additional editing lane if you need more output in a given month. If you buy a balance of words, reload that whenever you run low.

  • EditorNinja portal access, to upload documents and see your queue as well as your document history.
  • One-to-two business day turnaround on documents once they enter editing.
  • A Lead Editor (account manager) and a Senior Editor who are primarily responsible for your content.
  • Ability to upload brand and content guidelines for every one of your sites/brands that we’re editing.

A “lane” on EditorNinja is simply another document per day of editing output. We base our pricing on the number of documents and words edited per day.

All documents for Word Bundle customers have a maximum turnaround of 2 business days. Shorter documents come back the next day!

Yes! Our editors transform AI trash content into human, engaging, fact-based, and SEO-optimised pieces.