Content Editing

Fed Up with Time-Consuming Content Editing?

You’ve already put in the heavy lifting. You’ve crafted the strategy, produced the content briefs, sourced writers, or leveraged AI. Now, you’re faced with a mountain of content that needs edits, but time just isn’t on your side.


Worried About Compromising Content
Quality Under Tight Deadlines?

Elevate your agency’s credibility with our foolproof editing – where excellence and reliability meet.

We’re not just editors; we’re your partners in excellence. Our team will meticulously polish each piece to ensure it’s ready for publication.

With MyContentPal, you’re not just getting error-free content; you’re securing peace of mind, professional reliability, and the assurance of excellence in every word.

Join the 100+ companies who trust My Content Pal for their content needs.

Producing content is a lot of work. We offer an easier way to scale.

By leveraging our professional editors, proven process, and 4-step E.D.I.T. framework, agencies and marketing teams remove editing as a bottleneck so they can focus on higher leverage, and more enjoyable, activities.

Use our Content Editing Service to get the following edited:

Blog posts

AI content


Press releases

Sales copy

Social media copy

Skip the hassle of finding, hiring, training, firing, and managing editors so you can focus on producing more great content at scale.

What we mean by
flat-rate editing services

Flat-rate editing means you pay the same predictable rate every month.
No surprise bills here.

Step 1.

Establish Your Editor Relationship

Once you’re signed up, we’ll connect you will your account manager and editor via Slack, which streamlines communication.

We choose your editor based on how well their specific experience matches your needs.

Step 2.

Deliver The First Content To Your Editor

Now that you know your editor, add your first documents to our Content Editor Service. We’ll review and assign your editor.

They’ll edit one document at a time, and send it back to you for feedback.

Step 3.

Instruct Your Editor On Any Changes

Now that you’ve had your first documents returned, it’s time to give your editor specific feedback on areas you want them to handle differently, according to your style guides and preferences.

They’ll ask any clarifying questions and integrate your feedback into your future documents.

Step 4.

Take Off The Brakes

Now that your editor is up to speed and you’re familiar with our process, it’s time to take off the brakes!

Give us blog posts, white papers, sales pages, emails, anything you can think of. We’ll take them and your editor will make sure they’re ready for prime time!

Powered By Leading
Custom Technology

We’re able to deliver professional content editing at scale because of our leading technology platform. Stop “hiring editors” and start getting great editing done quickly.


Submit and
monitor requests

Submit as many documents as you like to your queue. Your dedicated Senior and Lead Editors work on your content every working day. We return an average length document per day,. You can also scale up your subscription to get more output.


Receive clean
copy quickly

Once your document is completed, you’ll
receive it via email and can always find it in your Account. Have someone else who needs to be notified? Just add them to that document and they’ll be notified too!

Built Specifically For Content Agencies And Marketers

This service is built to serve the needs of content marketers, both agency-side and in-house. Here’s who we’re great for.


Our service helps agencies ensure that everything returned to your clients is perfect.

Content teams

Our service helps content teams save time and money by handling all of your editing needs.


Freelancers leverage our services to scale their
offerings so they can spend more time writing
and less time editing.

Frequently Asked Questions

If our FAQs don’t answer it for you, reach out to us directly via

Unlimited simply means you can give us as much content as you have, and we’ll tackle it. Flat-rate means you’ll never get a surprise bill, because you pay one flat rate. MyContentPal employs professional editors who work on customer content every business day of the month.

Our pricing is based on your volume, depth of editing, and document turnaround needs. Maximize your editing subscription by keeping your queue full, and you can always add an additional editing lane if you need more output in a given month. If you buy a balance of words, reload that whenever you run low.

  • EditorNinja portal access, to upload documents and see your queue as well as your document history.
  • One to two business day turnaround on documents once they enter editing.
  • A Lead Editor (account manager) and a Senior Editor who are primarily responsible for your content.
  • Ability to upload brand and content guidelines for every site we’re editing for.

Throughout EditorNinja you’ll see us talk about a “lane.” A lane simply another document per day of editing output. We base our pricing on number of documents and words edited per day.

All documents for Word Bundle customers have a maximum 2 business day turnaround. Shorter documents come back the next day!

Yes we can! All In-Depth and Fully Managed subscribers can add content generated via AI to their editing queue.

We do recommend that someone at your company review the content before it’s sent to us, to ensure brand voice and formatting. We do not generate new content using prompts. AI-generated content takes longer to edit than human-written content, so these requests do take longer to come back for review.