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How It Works

Craig Dewart

Written by Craig Dewart

How It Works
published October 5, 2022

Take a quick look into what it is like to order content with Mycontentpal.

How it all works!

Welcome to My Content Pal! Here is a quick guide on how it all works. In this doc we will explain how our portal works and how we create amazing content for our clients!

Getting started

1. Click the “get started” button this will take you to MCP Portal. You will be able to sign up as a client and purchase your content there.

Please enter you details and a secure password then click “sign up”

2. You will then be taken to a Welcome page and a short loom video which will give you some further information.

3. The next step is to decide which service you would like to purchase

Purchase Content

When you select this option it will ask for you to complete some information for billing purposes. Please remember to tick the “I’m purchasing for a company” tickbox

One Off Purchase

We have various options which range from 10,000 words to 200,000. If you purchase 10k words, you do not need to request one article worth 10k words, you can split your order up into as many articles as you'd like!


Our options include 25k words, 50k or 100k words. You can suspend your subscription at any time by informing your account manager via the portal.

Other additional and required add-ons

You will then see a list of other add-on services that we offer. We have certain add-ons that are required for topics such as health, law and crypto. The reason this add-on is a requirement is for additional research time as it is a specialised subject.

We also have an option for advanced briefs which is where we can use two tools to get more information about the topic which incorporates for curating and Market Muse for Topic Modelling.

We also have a featured image add-on. With this service, our talented graphics designer can create a unique image to go along with your content and catch your readers’ eye.

With our social media status add-on, a member of the team will write 10 social media posts about your articles(s) so you can share your content with a ready-made status.

We also offer a keyword research service: My Keyword Pal. This can help uncover a range of topics to cover on your website - we’ll analyse your site and your competitors, find keyword gaps, and present the information in an easy-to-digest sheet.

After you have finalised your order please read our terms and conditions! Then you can add your payment details.

Once your order has been processed an email will be submitted to the communications team and you will receive an email from them welcoming you to MCP Portal. They will send you what we like to call a ”shared sheet”. The shared sheet is where you fill in your briefs for your content. We do ask for a minimum amount of information and this is reflected in the sheet where we mark certain required fields with an asterisk (*) Please ensure that you change the status to “Ready for MCP”

Once you have filled in your shared sheet, our communications team will pass all this information along to our team of preppers and writers.

Our turnaround time is around 3 weeks, so over the course of those few weeks, our communications managers will be in constant contact with you to keep you informed and updated on the status of your content.

Once all of your content is complete our team of proofers will add the final surfer link to your shared sheet and our communications managers will inform you of its completion.

You will then have 10 days to give us any feedback or ask for any changes to be made to your content, after these 10 days we will close your order.

Remember if you do not use all of your credits in the one order, you can come back and use them whenever you would like!

Then the cycle of amazing content creation continues!

We hope these notes were of some help to you, but if not, don’t fret, we have an amazing support team that are available Monday-Friday to answer any questions you may have! To reach them you can create a ticket on our portal, or send a message to

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How It Works

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