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The Done-For-You service sends a
Tsunami of traffic into SEOs websites
without them having to lift a finger!

Somehow, affiliates are able to build and launch a site without doing any of the work!

They were fed up with the trials and tribulations, tantrums and tears and shakes and sweats that came with building their website. So they binned the DIY idea and let MyContentPal take the lead.

We can jump-start your chances of success with a done-for-you content website. You focus on the tasks you like; we’ll complete the tasks you don’t.

Finally! A Done-For-You affiliate site!

Maybe you landed here by chance and you don’t even know what a done-for-you site is. If that’s the case, it’s your lucky day.

Are you sick of Youtube Videos? Tired of reading blog after blog? There aren’t enough words that can tell you how to successfully build your affiliate site. So stop learning, and start outsourcing.

Are you looking for a way to build your affiliate site without square eyes and sleepless nights? You provide us with a few details, and we’ll take care of literally everything that goes into getting your site live.

That includes content, images, internal links, and setting everything up
on Wordpress for you to take ownership of.

We build your site,
You build your life

Sure you can build your own site, but do you know how to find the best keywords to cover?

Hands-off approach

Do you want to sit back and relax while your website builds itself? (OK, so we'll be doing all the hard work, but you get the point). Or maybe you have a million other items on your to-do list and simply don't have the time to work on a site (did we mention it's hard work?). There really is a lot that goes into starting a site from scratch, so if thinking about getting started makes your head spin, our done-for-you content website packages are just the ticket.

No prior knowledge or experience required

Even the biggest of technophobes can see success with our services. We do 99% of the hard work for you, so you can just sit back and relax and watch as your site starts climbing up the rankings. You don't need to know the slightest thing about keyword research or writing content that readers engage with - that's our job!

You dont need to buy access to any tools

It's no secret that SEO tools are costly. Before you even start building your website, you'll need a tool like SEMrush to uncover the best topics to write about - this tool alone starts at $119.95 a month for the most basic plan. And that's before you start using Frase to build the layout of your articles and Surfer SEO to optimize each page. Clearly, the costs can start racking up quickly. We use all of these tools and more to ensure your pre-built website is destined for success - great value for money, we're sure you'll agree.

In 30 minutes, you'll know how to achieve SEO successwithout years of trial and error!

If you're not quite sold on the idea yet, maybe you will be once you see just what you get for your money

Initial consultation

So, you have a vague idea of the niche you'd like to cover, but that's about it. Don't worry - your first meeting with us will allow us to brainstorm ideas together and gather all the information we need to get started with building your business.

The price you pay includes a free 30-minute consultation with your project manager so we can get the ball rolling.

Keyword research

Here's where it starts getting technical. A solid keyword research report is the foundation of any successful website - it will uncover every single topic your website needs to cover to blow the competition out of the water.

Your in-depth report will likely have hundreds of keywords - terms that your future readers are actually searching for on Google. We'll also check how many people are looking for these terms and how competitive they are, so you're set up for success from the beginning.

Content writing

Content writing is where MyContentPal started off. And, we're pretty darn good at it by now - check our TrustPilot reviews for yourself.

Your package includes 20,000 words of Surfer SEO-optimized content; we'll pick the best topics to cover straight away based on your keyword report. Each and every article we write will be perfectly balanced between optimization for search engines and readability for your target audience.

If you don't fancy yourself as much of a writer, we can also take care of your ongoing content needs. We offer monthly subscription packages from 10,000 to 200,000 words per month, depending on how big and how fast you want your website to grow.

On-Page SEO

So, you have your keywords and a few articles - you're off to a great start already. But, it doesn't stop there. Google needs to be able to easily navigate between the pages of your site - which is why we will consider internal linking opportunities and take the time to silo your site.

Custom Logo

Our lovely in-house graphic designer will create a custom logo to ensure your site stands out against competitors.

If you have an idea of how it might look, you're welcome to share your ideas. Otherwise, leave it to the experts, and we'll make you something stylish in no time.

Website Development

Performance driven WordPress websites. Choose from our range of 100% speed and performance optimised templates. A fast and perfect solution for Affiliate success. 100% across the board with GMETRIX score.

Domain Name & Hosting

Any available domain name of your choosing and free 6 month SSL secure hosting, setup and maintenance. Including Cloudflare CDN, Daily website backups, 24/7 uptime monitoring and unlimited storage. The ardeous backend set up taken care for you.

Continued Support

Our services don't stop once your site is live. We're always ready to help you continue growing your site with ongoing content writing or backlink building from our sister company, Link City.

Why Choose MyContentpal

We're glad you asked. We know ordering a sone-for-you website is a big decision, so let us state our case; we're sure you'll agree that choosing MCP is a no-brianer!

Excellent customer support.

While we don’t quite offer 24/7 support (we do need to sleep, you know!), our friendly communications managers aim to respond to all queries within one working day.

They’ll also give you weekly updates on your order, so you’ll never be left in the dark.

High quality content that ranks and converts.

Having been in the game for years, it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about creating great content.

Every article we’ll write for you is thoroughly researched, optimized on Surfer SEO, then proofed by our expert editors to ensure it’s equally as appealing to human readers as it is to Google.

A Great bang for your buck.

We think we offer our customers incredible value for money. In just a few weeks, you could have a healthy passive income stream, and you’ll barely have lifted a finger.

Can we scratch your Niche website itch?

Affiliate sites done for you.


50,000 words, approx 50 blog posts


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100,000 words, approx 100 blog posts


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200,000 words, approx 200 blog posts


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